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It was yet another sunny day in Burgess. The birds were chirping, the sound of children’s laughter could be heard from the nearby playground in the park…

And Darcey was having none of it. 

Sure, any other day the girl would be happily reading on an old park bench and enjoying the nice weather that was very rare in Burgess. Today, though, was just not one of those days. As one could see, the girl was not having a very lucky day. First off, her satchel that carried all of her library books had been thrown into the lake near the school by one of the bullies that just loved to ruin Darcey’s life. Next, the sole on the girl’s boot had almost completely come off due to the wear and tear from all the years it had been worn. So now she had to return home to change into her old sneakers that barely fit her. 

Now the girl was off to walk around the park, trying to get her mind off the crappy day it has already turned out to be. Without paying any attention to where she was going, she had bumped into someone harshly, causing herself to fall backwards onto her rear. 

"Ow…" She mumbled softly, rubbing her lower back that had felt most of the impact of that fall. Darcey looked up to who she had ran into and then looked down sheepishly. "I… uh…" Without missing another beat, the girl got up on her own and looked back up at the stranger shyly. "I’m sorry…"